Optional Weather Plan Coverage for Setup Services & Canopies...please order 2 if you're renting for 2 weeks and per canopy

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Weather Plan for 2016

Optional Weather Plan Coverage for Setup Services & Canopies...please order 2 if you're renting for 2 weeks and per canopy


Weather Plan for Setup & Take-Down Services


I know this is a lot of information but do please take the time to read it all as it will ensure you have a good understanding of what to expect.


TO QUALIFY FOR REFUNDS YOU MUST PURCHASE THIS PLAN or decline it and chance the weather.  This is in line with realty companies offering vacation insurance as well. 


We are taking the steps necessary to ensure that you, our valued customer fully understand what can disrupt setup of Umbrellas, Chairs & Canopies.  Weather is the most difficult thing to forecast for any weather agency and thusly we rely on several mediums and ‘on the beach’ observations.  Wind is by far the biggest concern we have with regards to Canopy/Pop-up Tents and Umbrellas followed by Storms.  We are outlining every conceivable disruption that could occur and what you, the customer, should expect.  The cost of this optional weather plan is $14.95 and ensures refunds due where applicable.  Declining the optional weather plan means that you will not be entitled to any refunds of setup services.  Product rental is non-refundable.   Our rental day time frame is 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. although we start setting up as early as 6 a.m. on the beach. 

Umbrella quality really hasn’t diminished over the years, actually they have improved in structural strength.  Canopies/Pop-up Tents on the other hand are imported items from China for the most part and quality isn’t what it was even 2 years ago and thusly we take different approaches when it comes to our weather plan as Canopies has a separate weather plan description of it’s on.  We are a professionally operated company and we are fully insured through our carrier and subsequently do have guidelines we MUST follow.


Umbrellas Weather Plan

  1.  We are on the beach no later than 5 a.m. to measure the wind speeds using professional grade anemometers (wind meters) to gauge the wind speed.  If  the wind speed is above 12 mph we will NOT set up umbrellas with regards to ‘raising them up’ on the beach.  You will find them installed in the sand but in the lowered position and you will be responsible for raising them and lowering them upon leaving the beach.  AGAIN, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR  RAISING & LOWERING THEM WHEN UNATTENDED.  While these umbrellas can withstand wind to a degree, all it takes is that gust of wind and it goes blowing down the beach as a projectile and can hurt someone.

  2. If the winds are measured above 20 mph we will NOT set up any umbrellas as it is an unsafe environment for the umbrellas, however your chairs will be. Please remember that umbrellas are made for shade and NOT wind resistance. If the winds die down below 16 mph we will setup umbrellas, given that we can complete installs of umbrellas before 1 p.m,.as that time signifies half the rental day period.

    a.   We reserve the right to take down early if there is a storm approaching whether seen by the eye or not.  We are looking at what’s ‘approaching’, not what’s around the corner.  We have to be pro-active and not reactive as we can't afford to wait until a storm is upon us to start taking down. 

  1.  Rain:

    If it is raining we do NOT setup any product.  Light drizzle and sprinkling rain aside.  Rain will ‘capture’ on canopies and actually cause them to collapse.  Wet Umbrellas with Wind will cause them to blow away, not to mention damaging the support system. 


    Pop Up Storms:

    We monitor the weather throughout the day by checking wind speeds and several mediums of weather forecasting.  We will always err on the side of caution and if need be, we will ‘take-down’ early based on winds and weather and future forecasting models.  We have tens of thousands of dollars of equipment on the beach every day and we cannot risk the safety of all beachgoers, not to mention the loss involved on the product.  This policy is completely in-line with other companies in the area.



Items already set up:


Any and all items delivered and setup on the beach that has to be removed early due to weather related issues will NOT receive any refunds against the service part of the rental.



Due to the growing beach erosion on the west end of Ocean Isle Beach.  Our rule has always been to set up 10 feet behind the high tide line.  You may find your equipment further back to the dune lines if not at the dune lines due to the high tide line, with regards to chairs and umbrellas.  Please do NOT move them closer to the water as we drill the holes for umbrellas DEEP, which you can't do.  If you want a different area such as to the left or right we will try to accommodate you. Please bear in mind both beaches are public beaches and you MUST share it.  We try to not put anyone directly at an access because of the heavy foot traffic but some accesses we literally fight for space  with private people and other companies setting up and we do the best we can in the short time frame allowed.  Moving of any equipment to another location from where we set it up will result in the termination of service and rentals and there will be NO REFUNDS given for the remainder of the rental time period.



Canopies will not be set up if the winds are above 12 mph as it is unsafe to erect canopies.  At 17 MPH or approaching 17 MPH canopies will be taken down.Town Ordinances at 17 mph they are required to be removed from the beach.  We will wait until the last possible minute to remove your canopy but do keep in mind, we have 25+ up everyday and it takes considerable time to set them up and take them down.  We want your stay to be enjoyable and shaded but also safe.  The Town of Sunset Beach imposed new regulations on everyone setting up canopies several years ago that completely RUINED the proper safe structure of the canopy in itself.  That being we now have to ‘tie-down’ inside the canopy.  Canopy’s were made to be tied down on the outside and away from the frame.  Having to tie-down inside the footprint of the canopy is against the manufacturers recommendations but The Town of Sunset Beach has been imposing one ordinance after another not just on we vendors but on EVERYONE.   We make it a point to post videos to our Facebook Page which allows you to see current winds speeds ON THE BEACH.  We use professional grade wind meters, NOT phone applications or rely on weather station readings from airports that are miles inland and 20 to 40 miles away.

Please take a moment to read the Sunset Beach Town Rules on Canopy Setup:



Obstructions placed on the Beach Strand must abide by the following regulations:

a. No Obstruction may be placed within a thirty (30) foot perimeter of any emergency access or any public beach access.

b. Tents, Shading Devices, Canopies and Athletic Equipment must be located at least 12 feet from the front dune line.

c. Tents, Shading Devices and Canopies shall be no larger than 12 feet by 12 feet.

d. Tents, Shading Devices and Canopies shall not be tied together.

e. Tents, Shading Devices and Canopies shall be separated by a minimum of ten (10) feet.

f. Anchors or tie downs for Tents, Shading Devices, Canopies and Athletic Equipment must be located within the footprint.

g. Athletic Equipment, such as volleyball nets, shall remain erected only while in use or attended.

h. Obstructions shall be set at least ten (10) feet from any sea turtle nest.

i. All Tents, Shading Devices, Canopies and umbrellas shall be collapsed and secured when the sustained wind speed is 17 mph or greater.

j. No Tents, Shading Devices or Canopies shall be erected before 6:00 am and all Tents, Shading Devices and Canopies shall be removed from the Beach Strand by 7:00 pm.

k. Obstructions remaining on the Beach Strand after 7:00 pm will be considered abandoned and removed by Town officials.


Let me share with you while their rules make it so difficult.  Firstly, there is only 200’ between street accesses and to maintain conformity to their ordinance then you have a 30’ setback between accesses, that leaves you 170’ feet to set up canopies between each access and each canopy being 10’ wide with a 10’ setback means you can set up only 8 canopies between each access, THAT’S 8 canopies.  Not many considering you can’t set up one in front of or behind another one so space is extremely limited that’s why no company here promises a specific access or to the right or left of the access but only that you’ll have a canopy close to the access you requested.  Remember folks, there are 4 companies, not counting private people that are fighting for space at 6 a.m. for canopies.  So your understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish for you is appreciated.  If you don’t agree with any of our policies then please understand that the other companies in the area have the same or similar policy in place and will act likewise, it’s just that we want you to have all the information available so you know what to expect.  The Town of Sunset Beach has made it ridicously difficult for everyone, vendors and private individuals.


There are no refunds once canopies are set.  Canopy refunds are against the service fee only which is $90.  Prorated at $15/day Product rental is NON-REFUNDABLE.  Umbrellas are at $90 service fee pro-rated at $15/day with the exception of 2nd umbrella setups at $5/day.  This amount could be less if you utilizied any discount during your initial order

Sandlappers will have the sole discretion based on making any weather related issues.  We do encourage you to visit our Facebook page as we do update our Facebook page with videos regarding any high winds and or weather.